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Dance Educator Award 2021

The IADMS Dance Educators' Committee is eager to celebrate nominees for the 2021 Dance Educator Award. This year, 17 astounding educators were nominated by their colleagues and students for masterfully integrating principles of Dance Medicine and Science into their teaching practice and inspiring future generations of dance teachers to do the same. Nominators spoke passionately about these studio teachers, clinicians, healthcare providers, coaches, and classroom lecturers. Each of these professionals has devoted themselves to improving the health and performance of dancers through education and we thank them all for their service.

The 2020 IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee Dance Educator Award was presented to Donna Krasnow, who joins previous recipients: Janice Plastino, Janet Karin, Emma Redding, Tom Welsh, Stevie Oakes, and Nico Kolokythas.

The winner of the Dance Educator Award will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies of the 31st Annual Conference - DenverLive, to be held Saturday, October 23rd. Until then, we’re excited to share a bit about each of the 2021 nominees:


2021 Nominees & Nominators

(in alphabetical order)

Dr. Manuela Angioi, Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Queen Mary College University of London - Nominated by Ian Fredrick Ronald Beasley

Dr. Carolyn Carattini, DCI, MA, BPhil - www.propsforballet.com - Nominated by Claudine Anderson and Janet Karin

Dr. Lucie Clements, Principal - thedancepsychologist.com - Nominated by Lauren Attree

Karen Clippinger, Professor Emerita California State University, Long Beach. Author of Anatomy and Kinesiology textbook - Nominated by Kathryn “Kitty” Daniels

Elinor Harrison, Postdoctoral Research Associate Departments of Dance and Neurology Washington University in St. Louis, USA - Nominated by Joanna Das

Lisa Howell, Author of Ballet Blog, DPT, Australia - Nominated by Kaitlin Hague

Stephanie Keizer Hulsebosch, Codarts, Rotterdam NL - Nominated by Janine Stubbe

Judith Elisa Kaufmann, Principal of the Academy for Dance Pedagogy and Dance Medicine, Austria - Nominated by Anita Kidritsch, Annkathrin Dehn, and Karl Heinz Kaufmann

David Leventhal, Director of Dance for PD (Parkinson’s Disease) - danceforparkinsons.org - The Mark Morris Dance Group, New York, NY, USA - Nominated by Clare Guss-West

Dr. Trish Melton, Director of Kerry Tap Ensemble & Cantarina Dance Studio, Shantalliv, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry, IRELAND - Nominated by Niamh Foley and Aisling Sharkey

Jennifer Morley, Associate Teaching Professor and the Somatics coordinator in the Drexel University Dance Program - Nominated by Susan Haines, Hannah Andersen, Megan Brunsvold-Mercedes

Sarah Newton, MFA, NCPT Instructor in Dance, Texas Christian University, School for Classical & Contemporary Dance, USA - Nominated by Deborah Vogel

Natsuka Oshima, Classical Ballet Instructor, Doctoral Candidate, Texas Woman’s University, USA - Nominated by Gabriel Scarponi

Angela Pickard, University of Canterbury Christchurch, UK - Nominated by Dr. Wendy Timmons

Edel Quin, MSc FHEA Programme Leader BSc and MSci Dance Science Senior Lecturer Dance Admissions Tutor for Dance Science, University of Chichester, UK - Nominated by Margaret Ann Wilson

Evan Rosenblatt, MS, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist, MovNat Trainer, Franklin Method Educator, Faculty CalArts, and California State University Northridge - Nominated by Mira Spremich and Bethana Rosenthal

Ava Barron Thomas, DanSci Dance Studio in Exeter, Devon UK - Nominated by Lorna Thompson