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The IADMS Annual Conference rotates where it is held, with North America on the odd years and another continent/country on even years. Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. It is suggested that your bid be submitted a minimum of 3 years in advance of the proposed conference year. Please check with the IADMS staff before submitting your bid to determine which future years are available for submissions (

Submission of your proposal serves as the first step in the process and is a means to ensuring your proposed local host committee understand the requirements and obligations. Proposals must be submitted using the attached IADMS Annual Conference Local Host Committee Proposal. The proposal must be turned in via email to To verify bids, the IADMS staff will review the proposal and follow up with any questions, requests for clarification, or edits within 90 days of submission. Please use the form provided for your submission of interest. No additional documentation will be accepted at the time of your proposal’s initial review.


Overview: Provide a brief overview including why your city and/or venue is recommended. Please include any relevant information on local dance and/or medicine and research efforts that will help us understand why the proposed venue/location is most suited to host this international conference.

Venue Requirements: It is recommended to offer 2-3 venue options in your bid. These are to offer IADMS staff an idea of where the meeting could potentially be held and can include suggestions such as the local host committee member’s affiliated university/college, and/or prime located hotels or performing arts/medical center(s). Venue should not be reserved, held, contracted, or otherwise by the local host committee. Providing a basic outline or link to the proposed venue conference facilities is sufficient for this initial proposal submission.

The proposed venues should be able to accommodate for the minimum capacity and for typical conference session requirements. Further the proposed venues must be accessible to all people [i.e., American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant or equivalent]. The IADMS Annual Conference usually attracts between 400-500 delegates but can go up to 600. The program starts and ends with a plenary session for all delegates, while the bulk of the program is split into 2 lecture rooms (150-200 seats) and 2 spaces for movement sessions (50 delegates). Space is also required for exhibitors, roundtable and networking lunch sessions, registration, refreshments, and posters presentations.

On the day prior to the start of the conference, the following space is required: exhibitor hall for set-up; a meeting room for Board, staff, and Committee Chairs (20-25 people); an office for staff preparations; and an on-site area for conference attendees to pre-register.

Priority will be given to locations with easily accessible international airports and a variety of quality local amenities (shops, restaurants, transport, and arts/attractions).

Proposed Dates: Bids should include viable options for the conference to take place over a 4-day (Thursday-Sunday, preferred) period in October. Be sure to take your university’s schedule into account, as well as national events/festivals that may inflate hotel and airline prices.

Proposed Chair & Members: Who will be steering the planning process? Include all proposed local host committee members and the selected local host committee chair. Please provide affiliations and contact information for the proposed chair.

Estimated Expenses: If the venue is a university or theatre of which the local host is on staff/faculty, an estimated venue cost can help determine the conference viability. If proposing a hotel venue, no estimated costs are necessary in the initial bid process.

Support: Please note if local host committee would be willing and able to help the IADMS in identifying local support, by way of exhibitors/conference sponsors, dance company connections for performances, tourism agency support, etc. None must be confirmed, but just note willingness to support the efforts for conference success.


Host Responsibilities: The IADMS Board and staff retain final authority on all decisions regarding the design and delivery of the conference. Any disputes that arise may be appealed to the Board. If necessary, the IADMS Executive Committee can be called upon to arbitrate any disagreements. Ultimately, final authority of all conference decisions and business resides with the IADMS Board.

The local host committee is made up of IADMS members who live in the locale of the conference. The role of the local host committee is to provide local hospitality, help connect IADMS staff with local partners who may host ancillary events and assist in promoting the conference locally.

Agenda: The IADMS Program Committee assume responsibility for review of all abstract submissions and development of the conference schedule. The local host may be asked for an introduction to a potential local speaker, but no invitations should go out at any time by the local host committee.

Accreditation: IADMS is responsible for submitting the application(s) to the accrediting bodies that provide continuing education credits for physicians and allied healthcare professionals.

Financial Management: The IADMS staff and Finance Committee manages the conference funds. IADMS assumes all financial risk and profits from the conference.

Registration: IADMS registers delegates for the conference using its own on-line registration system which directs all receipts to the banking account established by IADMS. The on-line registration will include the ancillary events offered by the local host committee.

Marketing and Public Relations: IADMS staff and Promotion Committee are responsible for coordinating the “Call for Presentations” one year prior to the conference, and responsible for the design and distribution of all advertising for the conference in the year(s) leading up to the conference, including all print and email announcements to the IADMS constituency, social media posts, and creating and maintaining the IADMS website’s Annual Conference webpage. The local host committee is welcome to provide additional support with marketing efforts, including providing images for promotional materials, and distributing and sharing all conference announcements at the local level and on social media platforms once approved by IADMS.



Contact Information (Chair)

Please use the space below to provide a brief overview of your bid, including any relevant details to share with IADMS staff and leadership regarding what makes your location/site, planning committee, connections to the dance and/or medicine and research facilities in the proposed location, and anything that may make your bid unique and/or attractive for IADMS conference attendees

Proposed Venues

Proposed Venues List 2-3 suggested venues. These can be affiliated or known local university/college, performing arts or medical centers, and/or hotels that satisfy the conferences’ facility needs. Include venue name, address, and web URL for each.

Closest international airport; local public transportation options, if applicable
Is the local host committee willing and able to support IADMS staff and respective operational committees in raising awareness, helping to plan local excursions, connect to local dance companies for classes/performances, and assist IADMS in identifying potential sponsorship at the local level?