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FEBRUARY  |   2024

February 11th   |  Movement Analysis and Treatment of Circus Shoulders: Working with True Overhead Athletes

Pivot Sport Medicine 2288 Bloor St W. Toronto, ON (Bloor and Durie – just west of Runnymede) - $475

This continuing education course for healthcare professionals,  will look at the bio-mechanics of the shoulder related to this unique population of athletes through a Movement Systems lens. This course will combine didactic instruction with practical application and will include a participatory session with artistic athletes in a gym setting.

1. Learn about the anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder and how it changes to accommodate the large range of motion, high forces, and unique demands of circus arts.
2. Assess the movement of the shoulder in circus artists and differentiate between unique patterns of dysfunction common in circus populations
3. Identify and assess landmarks during common foundational circus movements
4. Create an exercise program which will help circus artists correct common movement pattern dysfunctions in circus art.
5. Put learning to practice on equipment with artistic athletes in real time.
6. Feel confident assessing the physical needs of the shoulder under the demands over overhead athletic/performance pursuits.
7. Feel confident applying gym-based treatment plans for your overhead athletes.
Dr. Emily Scherb is a physical therapist specializing in circus and performing arts medicine. Through her over 30 years of training and working in the circus arts she has gained deep insight on how circus bodies work in the air and on the ground. Emily owns a physical therapy practice in Seattle, WA in which clinicians specialize in the treatment of circus and performing artists. Emily now teaches workshops for circus artists, instructors, and healthcare providers with the mission of improving health and safety in circus training and performance. She is a board member of the American Youth Circus Organization / American Circus Educators as well as Seattle Dance and Performing Arts Medicine. Her bestselling book Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts was published in 2018.


February 24th   | 5th Annual Performing Arts Athletic Trainers' Society Symposium 


The 5th Annual Performing Arts Athletic Trainers' Society (PAATS) Symposium will be held virtually on February 24, 2024 from 11:30am - 4:30pm EST. This year's symposium features an exciting lineup of presentations focused around three themes: Caring for the Circus Arts Athlete, Nutritional and Wellness Considerations for the Performing Artist, and Supplemental Training and Workload Management.

Learning Objectives:
- Identify and implement screening tools for identifying Low Energy Availability and risk of eating disorder in performing artists.
- Utilize strength and conditioning concepts to provide recommendations for periodization of dance training.
- Identify risk factors for injury and injury trends associated with circus and aerial artists.
- Recognize and assess proper straight arm aerial hanging form as well as compensations that lead to increased risk of injury.

PAATS Members: $35 Professional | $10 Student Non-Members: $50 Professional | $20 Student ​


February 25th   |  Circus Smart Speaker Series - Invisible Impacts: The Role of Emotions in Movement Learning


Every month The Circus Doc hosts an online talk presented by an exciting new speaker. In these talks you will learn from leading circus researchers, educators, and experts in related fields. Join career circus coach and applied health scientist Adam Woolley MSc in the February lecture!

Emotions, moods and feelings have large, but under-researched impacts on motor performance and motor learning. Join us for a review of the psychology of emotions and research relating affect to performance, including Adam’s MSC research on the relationship of emotions in public physical education and circus arts arts education to self esteem!

Can't make it live?
** RECORDING AVAILABLE ** for one week afterwards


MARCH   |   2024


Tampa, FL USA

The 5th Performing Arts Medicine Conference at the University of South Florida, offers a broad range of research and practice supporting and addressing artists' performance. Abstracts are due Dec. 18, 2023, and submissions may include nutrition, mental health, prevention, rehabilitation, or occupational medicine. Arts effects on culture, society, healing and medical education are also acceptable topics within the scope of the conference.
Esteemed keynote speakers are Dr. Kathleen Davenport, Dr. Jason Hu, and Dr. David Hinkamp.


March 17th   |  Circus Smart Speaker Series - Pain Perception in Circus Arts: A Holistic Approach to Management and Treatment


Join Physiotherapist and Performing Arts Medicine specialist Beth Shum HCPA, MCSP for the March Circus Smart Speaker Series lecture!

This talk explores the current pain perceptions and strategies for managing pain in the circus arts community, combining research, personal experiences as an aerialist/gymnast, and suggested practical tips.

More about Beth Shum HCPA, MCSP:
Beth Shum is a Chartered Physiotherapist (HCPC MCSP) in the UK with a Master's in Performing Arts Medicine at UCL, graduating with distinction. She started Flexibility Matters Physiotherapy in London, where she supports Circus Artists, Performers and Cheerleaders through physiotherapy, health education, and flexibility training.


March 23rd   |  Guest Educator Workshops with The Circus Doc

Madison Circus Space 2082 Winnebago St, Madison, WI 53704

1. Circus from the Center Out

Join Dr. Emily Scherb author of Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts, for a discussion of how your core and hips work best to improve your movement, deepen your splits and straddles, invert with more ease, and prevent common hip injuries and back pain.
Learn your core "type" to enhance your power and control in the air and dive into the cues and movements that make her hip exercises the most effective for you.

2. The Shoulder in Hanging and Handstand

Join Dr. Emily Scherb to talk about how our shoulders are the most mobile joint in our bodies and our greatest circus tools. This course will help increase our understanding about this joint that is the most likely for circus artists to injure. This class focuses on the shoulder: the bio-mechanics of how it works and how to use it safely through its full range of motion. Learn the best techniques for hanging in bent and straight arm position, balance and control in handstands and the secrets of one-arm skills.

3. Love your Circus Shoulders

March 23, 2024 11:30am - 1:00pm
*single class registration OR package discount available

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints for all circus artists. But how can we keep our shoulders strong and help them stay feeling great for all that we do? Let's break down some of Dr Emily Scherb's favorite exercises to understand the purpose and find common errors and the best cues for your body to achieve your goals.




Deadline 30th March 2024

The School of Sport is hosting their annual 2-day clinical and research symposium focused on current research themes and future collaborations in dance medicine and science. It will give attendees an opportunity to hear about contemporary practice and projects with opportunities to network and develop future partnerships. If you have research you would like to share please submit a 200-word summary. They accept a wide range of submissions that cover diverse methodological approaches from completed research projects to conceptual ideas that you would like peer feedback on. This is a hybrid symposium with in-person and online presentations and attendance.

If you would like further information please contact Prof Matthew Wyon (
Fees: £30 a day or £55 for two days.

APRIL   |   2024

April 6th   | Clinical Taping Skills with Dance Specific Adaptations

Pivot Sport Medicine, 2288 Bloor St. W Toronto ON M6S1N9

This course has been designed to give participants a full introduction to taping so that each taping product and the rational for application is understood. Participants will learn the tools of the trade, the different tape supplies, the risks and benefits, as well as best practices for safe application and removal.

Taping techniques will be taught as per normal sport protocol and then participants will learn to adapt these applications to make them specific to the needs of dancers.

This course is a TWO session course. (Attendee's will attend both Saturday April 6, 4-8pm and Sunday April 7, 1-5pm)
IADMS members receive a discount on Pivot Dancer memberships (discount code IADMS10), Pivot Dancer Dance Science Members receive a discount on Pivot Dancer courses.

Instructor: Dinah Hampson

Dinah is a Registered International Sports Physical Therapist, a Sport Physio Canada Examiner and Mentor. Dinah has been travelled extensively with sport as a physiotherapist and Chief Therapist including over a dozen multisport games, University sport, Commonwealth, Paralympic and Olympic events. Dinah has presented at The Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine, The Performing Arts Medicine Association, and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. Dinah is status faculty at the University of Toronto and is the founder of Pivot Sport Medicine & Pivot Dancer.


April 7th   |  The Circus Doc Circus Smart Speaker Series - Circus Dynamics Unveiled: Analyzing maximal dynamic forces in diverse circus disciplines

Every month The Circus Doc hosts an online talk presented by an exciting new speaker. In these talks you will learn from leading circus researchers, educators, and experts in related fields.

Join engineer of research at the Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts in Montréal (CRITAC), Marion Cossin PhD for this lecture exploring the current research informing the consensus on dynamic force loads in circus disciplines and on circus bodies.

In her talk Marion will answer the following questions:
What are the maximal dynamic forces found in diverse circus disciplines?
What are some recommendations to develop a safe and functional circus arts practice space?
What are some considerations on the impact of these forces on the human body?

Note: The presentation will be followed by a falcultative working session. Have you always wanted to help an ongoing research project? Now's your chance! We're in the process of starting a project on workloads, and we'd like to hear from you to help us put it together.

More about Marion Cossin PhD:
Marion is an engineer of research at the Center for Research, Innovation and Transfer in Circus Arts in Montréal (CRITAC). She has a PhD in biomedical engineering and a master's degree in mechanical engineering. Her work focuses on various rare sectors such as the design of innovative and sustainable circus equipment, the biomechanical analysis of acrobatic performances and the integration of digital technologies in the arts. Her website:


JUNE   |   2024

June 21st - 23rd   |   Dance Science and Somatic Educators 2024 Conference

Dance Science and Somatics Educators (DSSE) is excited to announce the 2024 Conference!Please visit website for future information.


OCTOBER   |   2024



Save the date for the IADMS 34th Annual Conference in Rimini Italy. Through lectures and interactive sessions, the conference is designed to share relevant and innovative research in the field of dance medicine and science. Hear from over 150 world-renowned professionals in orthopedics and sports medicine, dance education and academia, mental health, somatics, dance for health, and more on all aspects of comprehensive wellness as it relates to dance. 

This continuing medical education (CME) course looks broadly at the field of dance medicine and science, where it has come from, where it stands, and where it is heading.

*Abstract Submissions for the 34th Annual Conference open in January 2024*


NOVEMBER   |   2024



Co-hosted by IADMS and ISTD, this Regional Meeting to be held in Mexico City and presented fully in Spanish, will provide the fundamentals for applying dance science research in the classroom for dance teachers of young dancers (K-12 and studio level, ages 7-18)

Learn about effective cueing, mental health concerns, neurodivergence and hypermobility, evidence-based somatic skills, and injury prevention in dance.

Morning sessions will be broadcast globally from Mexico City to allow international participation. In-person attendees will also participate in afternoon movement sessions. 

Save the date! More information announced soon. 


Dance in Mind: Professional Courses


(I)For Students (II)For Professionals (III)For Working Parents (coming soon)

Presented by Imogen Aujla, Dance in Mind offers online psychology courses for dance professionals and students to help deal with stress, create a better work-life balance, and cultivate optimism. Drawing on CBT and coaching techniques, the courses are a mix of webinar-style video tutorials and worksheets to help you put what you're learning into practice. Create positive change and enhance your well-being in just a few weeks - each course works brilliantly as a stand-alone but was designed to be taken together, and as a special introductory offer, you can buy all 3 courses for just £50.

Sport Ready Academy: Training as a High-Performing Female Dancer


Presented by Nicky Keay BA, MA(Cantab), MB BChir, MRCP, these online courses provide dancers, teachers, and parents with the latest professional-level training and medical performance strategies on how young female dancers can reach their full potential in dance. The aim is for every dancer to achieve her personal best in a healthy and sustainable fashion. The online course also has a quiz and links to further resources.

Two courses are available:

Training as a High Performing Female Dancer - Team offers the course for a group of dancers, teachers, or parents. USD$199

Training as a High Performing Female Dancer offers the course for an individual dancer. USD$59

These courses are offered through Sports Ready Academy and are endorsed by the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine.