The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) collects information from its members to ensure that IADMS membership records are accurate and up-to-date. This information includes: name; gender; date of birth; degree(s); organization/affiliation; title; postal address (including street, city, state or province, country); phone number(s); fax number; email address(es); website address; profession/occupation; education/experience; proof of student/trainee/senior status (if applicable); and payment information. If provided by fax or mail, the credit card information is used to process the applicable charges and is then purged.

Membership information (name and mailing address) is provided to J. Michael Ryan Publishing, Inc. (JMR), for use in mailing the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science to members.

Personal information may be used for internal purposes by authorized IADMS and JMR staff. Personal information will not be released to third parties except as noted below:
1. Your name and postal mailing address may be used by JMR to send you information on dance education, dance medicine, and dance science publications on a periodic basis.
2. IADMS maintains an online membership directory that can be accessed by all current IADMS members. This directory contains the name, degree(s), address, telephone number(s), fax number, primary email address, website address, profession/occupation, and date of birth. You may elect to hide this information. 
3. Certain limited information (name, email, and postal mailing address) may be provided to other non-profit organizations whose missions are consistent with the mission of IADMS, upon review and approval of the IADMS Board of Directors.

At the present time, we are aware of no other circumstances under which IADMS will provide personal information to third parties.

IADMS encourages members to maintain their membership profiles with their current personal information.

IADMS retains information regarding IADMS members indefinitely. There is currently no mechanism for IADMS members to opt-out of dissemination to third parties of the personal information described in this policy.

Non-members who are subscribed to the IADMS mailing list can update their email address or unsubscribe from the IADMS email list at any time by emailing




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