Mental Health for Dancers


We promote education and raise standards of training, practice, science, and awareness in the field of performing arts psychology, including the interaction of mental and physical health, and overall well-being. By bringing together international experts in the field of performing arts psychology, we encourage communication about and increase the influence of, psychological theory, science, and practice to enhance the quality of life, personal growth, and the holistic health and well-being of dancers and the dance community.

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Mental Health eLearning: Webinars (8-part series)

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Other Safeguarding & Mental Health Resources for Dancers 

Personal Safety for Dance 

Healthy Dancer Canada

Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health

Minding the Gap

IADMS's Refugee Dance and Mental Health Statement

War has adverse mental and physical health effects on individuals and communities. IADMS supports the global dance communities as they navigate the direct and indirect effects of armed conflict, displacement, and uncertainty. The mission of IADMS guides all of us with the overarching purpose of supporting the dance community and promoting well-being.

Dance is more than an art form! It is a universal and multi-layered language that also serves as a channel for self-expression and connectedness with others, which can be protective against traumatic stress. As a dance community, we can share our resilient spirit, even during the atrocities of war.

We make this statement intending to provide pathways to helpful resources to the global dance community affected by war. We encourage everyone to reach out with kindness and support to dancers, their families, and caregivers as they face turmoil, devastation, persecution, and displacement.


IADMS's COVID-19 Response

Can Dance Help with Persistent Symptoms of COVID-19? A lecture by Nancy Kadel, MD. Presented at the Pole NationalSuperior de Danse Summer School's Dance for Health conference. 


Performing Artists' Mental Health and COVID-19; a 9-part Webinar Series - These webinars are led by IADMS leadership, including Peter Lewton-Brain, DO, Nancy Kadel, MD, and Matthew Grierson, MD, and world-renowned leaders in the field of mental health, including Lynda Mainwaring, PhD, CPsych, Bonnie Robson, MD, and Paula Thomson, PsyD.

Safe Dance Practice in Isolation Facebook live events - These webinars are led by the IADMS Educators' Committee and include special guest panelists. 

General Information


Bordeaux Ballet, France Bordeaux Ballet - Reprise Post Confinement ONBA (Ce document est seulement en français.)

Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health - Return to Dancing and Training Considerations Due to-COVID-19COVID-19 FAQ for Dancers and Dance Companies Returning to the Studios.

Royal New Zealand Ballet Returning to the Dance Center Protocols - RNZB COVID-19 Safety Plans (see inside each file for actual titles and audience): Artistic (level 2) | Artistic (level 3) | Costume | Staff | Tradie/Contractor Protocol For Entering Dance Centre During COVID-19 | Conditions Of Returning To Work During COVID-19 Alert Levels Declaration Form (first version) (alternate version)


Canadian Royal Academy of Dance - COVID-19 information

England Royal Academy of Dance - COVID-19 guidance 

German Professional Association for Dance Pedagogy, Recommended action for the gradual opening of ballet and dance schools - Aktualisierte Handlungsempfehlung des Deutschen Berufsverbandesfür Tanzpädagogik (DBfT) zum „Corona-Exit“: Deutsch | German-to-English translation

Research study from South Korea about COVID-19 infections associated with Fitness classes - Cluster of Coronavirus Disease Associated with Fitness Dance Classes, South Korea


Minding the Gap: Dancer Mental Health Town Hall - COVID-19 Series | Dancers: honor your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Dance Docs - Coping with COVID-19: Strategies for maximizing mental and emotional health in performing artists.


Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health - Ideas for staying in shape during social isolation restrictions

The Dance Docs - Coping with COVID-19 - Dance Specific Recommendations | Connecting Virtually in a COVID World | Staying One Jump Ahead | Dancing in a Virtual StudioContinuing the COVID Conversation

Wake Forest Baptist Health - Tips for Dancers While Training at Home - Taking Dance Classes Online-Adapting Expectations


DanceWell - Dancing through COVID-19

Harkness Center for Dance Injuries - Free Online Dance Injury Prevention Lecture. To access, go to, create an account, view the catalog, and select the lecture titled "Dance Injury Prevention" under the category “Other/Somatic/Dance Educator”. Use the discount code STAYSAFE at checkout to obtain "Dance Injury Prevention" for free.


The Actors Fund - Emergency Financial Assistance for Dancers. Emergency Financial Assistance for Dancers provides up to $1000 for rent, mortgage, or other basic living expenses.

COVID-19 Freelance Artists Resource - This site provides an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines.

Creative Capital - List of Arts Resources in Response to COVID-19. This website offers a live stream series, Coping with COVID, as well as an ongoing list of relief funds and philanthropic support in response to the financial impact of the coronavirus.

One Dance UK - COVID-19 Guidance. This site provides regular financial information for the dance community in the UK due to the COVID-19 outbreak.