Strategic Planning 2021

Want to be involved in the Strategic Planning for IADMS? We are inviting YOU!



Strategic Planning 2021 

IADMS has embarked on its next cycle of strategic planning and we want to hear from YOU! Participate now in our confidential and anonymous Strategic Planning Survey, and join us at upcoming Town Halls to offer feedback regarding potential updates to our mission and vision and discuss our organization’s future goals.

Mark Your Calendars & Register for our Strategic Planning Town Halls!

August 21 @ 8am EDT

September 18 @ 11pm EDT

*Registration is now open for the 1st Town Hall. Registration is required.

Strategic Planning Workgroup 

Joe Bowie

Louise Drysdale

Andrea Kozai

Jia Xi Lee

Nicoletta Lekka

Sofia Ornellas Pinto

Ana Paola Ramos

Hanna Pohjola

Emma Redding

Myriam Sillevis Smitt

Paula Thomson

Gregory Youdan, Jr.

IADMS Leadership

In 2016, a meeting with organizational leadership and stakeholders at the annual conference in Hong Kong produced a 5-year strategic plan. The goals at that time included:  

1- Disseminate current research and emerging theories;

2- Extend and consolidate links with medical, scientific, and educational practitioners and organizations;

3- Promote links with dance teachers and training and performance organizations;

4- Establish a sound financial base that will support the expansion of staff, resources, and initiatives;

5- Establish sound internal practices, policies, and procedures.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank those on the IADMS Board of Directors who served on the Strategic Plan Update Task Force:

Matthew Grierson, MD (Chair)

CC Conner, LLB

Jill Descoteaux, PhD, AT

Gayanne Grossman, PT, EdM

Nancy Kadel, MD

The 2021 IADMS Strategic Planning has been supported in part by: