Stephanie Weinsier, ARNP

Holistic Health and Wellness Solutions | 305-613-8639 |

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida United States of America

Free / Subsidized Services for Dancers: No
Telemedicine Appointments Available: No
Nurse, Other
Our health consultants ensure your performing arts/dance studio and sports team is safe and healthy, providing what every parent wants for their child: an environment that is safe, where they can remain happy, healthy, and active while pursuing their passion and learning. We offer holistic health and wellness education and health services, including: dancer health curriculum delivered to the performing artist/dance student or student athlete, their parents, and instructor/owners; health/medical advisement to support a safe and healthy environment; youth protection and advocacy; student injury restriction form/safe return to dance or sport; hazard identification and emergency operations planning; collaboration with instructors/staff/parents to ensure issues are identified early in a proactive manner; and referrals to relevant dance specialists when necessary. We help studios set a new standard for holistic, quality dance/performing arts instruction and training that is evidence-based, incorporating fundamental dance medicine and science principles.