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Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor
Hilary Gereaux, DPT PT
Positive Energy Physical Therapy & Sports Performance | California United States of America |
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Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist
Hiroyuki Nagaki, PhD
DancingFUN | Asia Japan |
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Athletic Trainer (AT), Dance for Health Practitioner, Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Instructor, Somatic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor
Hollie Palmisano, AT/ATC BS MS
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Athletic Trainer (AT)
Holly Nieman, AT/ATC BS MS
Childrens Health Andrews Institute | Texas United States of America
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Dance for Health Practitioner, Psychologist
Irina Roncaglia, BS PhD
English National Ballet & National Autistic Society | London United kingdom United Kingdom |
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Fitness Instructor, Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor
Isabel Artigues, BS MS
Institute of the Arts Barcelona | Pennsylvania United States of America |
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Physician: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Physiatry
Isabelle Desbiens, MD
CMSE (Centre de Médecine du sport et de l’exercice de l’Université de Sherbrooke) | Quebec Canada |
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J Young, DPM
J Randal Young DPM PC
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Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist
Jamie Bafaro, MSPT
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Exercise Physiologist, Somatic Practitioner
Jan Dunn, MS
Denver Dance Medicine Associates / The Bridge Dance Project | Colorado United States of America |
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Physician: Subspecialty Certification - Sports Medicine
Jason Chia-Kok-Kiong, MBBS
Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Sports Medicine and Surgery Clinic | Singapore Singapore
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Fitness Instructor
Jason Harrison, BA MA
Present Tense Fitness | Ohio United States of America |
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