IADMS 2018: Preparing for the conference

Posted by: IADMS Student Committee

Getting ready for the conference: Students and Young Professionals
The annual conference is fast approaching and it’s time to start making plans. This year the conference takes place in the exciting city of Helsinki, Finland. Here are a few things we’ve been thinking about in preparation for heading to Helsinki…

Connecting with other students
The IADMS annual conference offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers and professionals who specialise in dance medicine and science. Here’s our top tips on how to make the most of this opportunity…

Top tips

  • Attend the student social – this is a great way to meet other students at the beginning of the conference even begins!
  • Connect on social media! Check out our facebook page and connect with other students before you even get to the conference!
  • Attend a roundtable – this can be a great way to meet other students and professionals in your area. There is also the student roundtable, an opportunity to discuss key issues with students in dance medicine and science
  • Check out the student networking session – this session brings together professionals from a wide range of dance medicine and science disciplines and gives you an opportunity to meet peers in your research area and to get to know the professionals in your area too.
  • Networking – put yourself out there and try to talk to as many new faces as possible. The IADMS conference is a great place to make new connections and to talk to professionals who are as passionate about dance science as you are!
  • Introduce yourself to the Student Committee - we’re really friendly and love getting to know others who share our passions ☺We’ll have a table in the exhibit hall this year, pop by and say hello and hear about what the student committee are up to!

Getting the most out of the conference
In addition to connecting with other students and professionals you want to make sure that you get the most out of what’s on offer at the conference and in the city of Helsinki.

Top tips

  • Attend a variety of sessions not just your main area and try to sit down with the conference schedule before you go and plan out the sessions you want to check out
  • Be brave – ask questions during the sessions and get involved!
  • If you don’t fancy asking questions during the formal sessions, attend a roundtable. The roundtable is a great opportunity to engage in discussion with a smaller group of people on a more specific topic.
  • Make the most of your breaks – use this time to try to get to know new people at the conference.
  • Make the most of any free time to explore the city – this is one of the perks of being a part of an international association!

Student Events
Getting involved with student events can really help you to make the most out of your time at the conference and the events we have on offer mean that you can get to know some new people right at the beginning of the conference!

Student social
Our student social is a great way to meet other students before the meeting begins and to network with Dance Medicine and Science students from across the globe! For this years’ student social we have lined up a special treat for our student delegates! A backstage tour of the Finnish National Ballet Company and a chance to hear about their Healthy Dancer Programme. We will then head to the conference welcome drinks and on to grab pizza and a drink afterwards. Meet us at 6pm on Thursday 25th October in the hotel lobby.

Other student events and sessions include our student and young professionals networking event, the student roundtable and a workshop session: Dance Science in the Digital Age.