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Big Messy Conversations: Where Is Dance Science Education Going in 2021, and Beyond?

Register NOW for the 1st in the 4-Part Series - "How Did We Get Here?"

April 25th - 9:00am ET

*Priority seating to IADMS members

We invite you to join Dance Educators’ Committee Chair, Ellie Kusner, along with committee members Joe Bowie and Brenton Surgenor in a series of “big messy conversations” about dance science education. The first of this four-part series, "How Did We Get Here?" will take place on Sunday, April 25, at 9:00 am Eastern Time. These “big messy conversations” will include invited guests and copious, informal discussion in a semi-structured format--imagine a long table discussion over brunch with a few guidelines! We aim to offer space for all to share in an open and equitable way. Rather than looking to define labels or establish facts, we hope to explore perceptions, listen deeply, question, and invite ideas for creative steps forward. Our hope is that these conversations will serve as a beginning to ongoing dialogue which flows out into our communities. Our first conversation, “How Did We Get Here,” is intended to reflect on the historical roots of dance science education and how dance science educators and students might restructure, reimagine, and reflect on its future. We may pose questions such as: How did dance science and dance science education first develop? Who were the key players? How has it evolved, and where might we go next? We invite you to attend all four of these big messy conversations over the next few months, but each can also be enjoyed a la carte! To assure a vibrant discussion, space is limited and pre-registration is required. The first 18 seats will be reserved for IADMS members.

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