Now Accepting Nominees for the 2021 Dance Educators Award!


The IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee is calling for nominations for the 2021 Dance Educators Award. The individual or organization that receives this recognition shows evidence of integrating principles of Dance Medicine and Science through teaching practice and we wish to acknowledge their influence on current and future dance teachers. The nominees will be announced through the IADMS website and social media. The recipient of the award will be recognized during the IADMS Annual Meeting in October. Additionally, the award winner will receive a one-year membership to IADMS.

The 2020 IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee Dance Educator Award was presented to Donna Krasnow, who joins previous recipients: Janice Plastino, Janet Karin, Emma Redding, Tom Welsh, Stevie Oakes, and Nico Kolokythas.

Criteria for the dance educator award:

- Demonstrates integration and implementation of dance with dance science principles and research into the classroom and/or performance setting

- Has developed a strong teaching practice based on a sound knowledge of dance science

- Displays innovative thinking in teaching and is not afraid to critically challenge, interrogate, and reframe myths and historical methods

- Illustrates an ongoing commitment to furthering the field of dance and dance science Inspires students and colleagues with their understanding, teaching, and application of dance science

NOMINATE: To nominate an educator, we ask for a brief note explaining why you are nominating this person or organization including how they have positively influenced your dance community. You can speak directly to the award criteria, or provide your own explanations. Note that we may use all or part of your message to promote the award, the Dance Educators’ Committee, and IADMS.

Nominators can be students, organizations, or fellow educators. Please include contact information for your nominee.

Deadline to nominate: June 15, 2021 (11:59 pm BST)

Email: with the subject line “Nomination”

**Neither nominees nor nominators are required to be current IADMS members

Nominees will be contacted directly to provide further information addressing the criteria listed above with specific examples. The Dance Educators’ committee will peruse this material in a blind review process and score each nominee according to the criteria in order to select a winner.

IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee members and board members are NOT eligible for nomination and can NOT nominate anyone. For a complete list of these individuals, pleases visit