Register Now for the 1st in this 5-part webinar series on Attention in Focus

May 29 at 11:00am EDT

Register Now and join Ellie Kusner, MSc, and Clare Guss-West, MA on a metacognitive journey to explore the role of attention and focus in dance teaching. This relatively uncharted territory in dance provides rich tools for teachers to enhance the performance and learning of dancers. Ellie and Clare bring ‘internal’ and ‘external’ attentional focus approaches to the dance lab. Drawing on rich practitioner wisdom of the attentional approaches used in dance as well as somatics, experiential anatomy, and Eastern movement practices they will guide participants through experiences that aim to bring greater understanding to various cueing strategies. Experiment, discuss, debrief, reflect with peers and take away attentional focus tools and tips for direct implementation in your own dance context.

This is the first of five webinars in this FREE webinar series, Bridging IADMS: An Interdisciplinary Webinar Series. Each month, host Clare Guss-West, MA, together with guest presenters and specialists from varied disciplines, will lead attendees in a practical, interactive session that explores how to implement this research directly into practice. Learn more about this webinar and the rest of the series here. Registration is required.