Kristin Koskinen, RDN

Eat Well, Live Well |
, United States of America

Free / Subsidized Services for Dancers: No
Telemedicine Appointments Available: Yes
I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in dancers and hypermobile artistic athletes. I help dancers with not only meeting their nutrition needs to support performance, but also health concerns that involve food and nutrition including GI issues, food sensitivities, mood, and navigating a healthy relationship with food. I work with individuals and teach to larger groups such as dance studios, professional companies, and university classes. I'm available to work virtually and in person, though most dancers find virtual sessions more accessible. I'm a frequent contributor to media outlets, including Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and Dance Teacher, as well as dance-specific podcasts, including The Bendy Bodies Podcast, DanceWell, and Beyond the Pointe. I've been a co-presenter at IADMS and a contributor to dance-specific protocols for health and wellness.