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IADMS members must log in to submit a call for research participation

We receive numerous “Call for Participants” requests from researchers to access our social media and membership. The generation of applicable knowledge through research is fundamental to the IADMS Mission Statement and we try and promote such requests. To better help achieve this, we require researchers to complete this form to make sure that the aims of the research are aligned with the IADMS Mission and have met some basic criteria.

Please note that we will consider research from a professional setting or a student project at a master’s level or higher. All projects must have ethical approval from a recognized Institutional Review Board. Approved applications will be advertised on this webpage, and other communication platforms (social media and/or newsletter), as appropriate. No projects will be emailed to individual members and no member emails will be made accessible to researchers.

General Tips for writing calls for research participants:

• Keep technical and formal language to a minimum, use simple terms that everyone will understand easily • Make sure to be clear about the benefits and risks to the participants and/or dance community

• If you have detailed information to share with participants, save this for when they contact you, rather than putting it in the participants' call

• Think of how you would talk about your research if you had 3 minutes in an elevator with a stranger – this may help you to get the key points