Linda & William Hamilton Dance Wellness Symposium

The Linda and William Hamilton Annual Dance Wellness Symposium is held during the IADMS Annual Conference. The purpose is to highlight dance medicine professionals' emerging research on wellness, with a focus on the multifaceted aspects of physical and psychological stressors on those who dance. Abstracts submitted for the IADMS Annual Conference that features multidisciplinary individual or collaborative research, and/or clinical focus in their approach to dancer health and wellbeing are encouraged to apply for this award.


Three abstracts will be selected for this prestigious award. The recipients will receive a $1,000 monetary prize and certificate(s) of achievement. They also will present their work at the Annual Conference in the highlighted Linda and William Hamilton Annual Dance Wellness Symposium section.

Learn more about the application criteria and how to apply on the Symposium Guidelines. 


This symposium is graciously supported in full by Linda, and her late husband, William Hamilton.