A Welcome Message from the 2015 Annual Meeting Host Committee: Top 10 things to do on your trip to Pittsburgh

Author: Andrea Kozai on behalf of the Host Committee 

The Host Committee for the 25th Annual Meeting is incredibly excited to welcome you to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Pittsburgh is a beautiful metropolis in the heart of Steel Country, and has transformed itself from an industrial powerhouse of yesteryear to a vibrant economy based in technology, medicine, and academics. There is lots to do and see, so we thought it would be helpful to share a list of our favorite parts of this city.

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The female athlete triad in college dance students: Video from the 2014 Annual Meeting

Presented by: Amy Avery and Jane Baas 

Diet and exercise is an important factor in addressing the health related problems of the estimated sixty seven percent of American adults who are overweight or obese.1 However, diet and exercise can also become a potential problem when mixed with a strong desire to become or maintain a very thin physique. Eating disorders can result from these desires, where harmful behaviors are used to lose weight or maintain a thin appearance.2 When taken to the extreme, the practice of excessive calorie restriction and expenditure can have severe health implications.3

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Do Dance Professionals think about their health? Video from the 2014 Annual Meeting

Authors: Derrick D Brown, Matthew Wyon

Although it is recognised that ingesting quality macronutrients enhance dance training and performance, nutrition-related knowledge discrepancies and dietary inadequacies are still prevalent amongst student and elite dancers.

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Nutrition Research should drive advice and practice: which nutrients should the dancer be updated on and why: Video from the 2014 Annual Meeting

Presented by: Jasmine Challis

This blog looks at the information I presented at the 2013 IADMS conference in Seattle. It looks at an area where there is a lot of controversy and tries to steer a research based path to advise the dancer on current best practice considering the current evidence.

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Alignment of the leg and its impact on the dancer's knee: Clips from the 2014 Annual Meeting

Presented by: Liane Simmel 

Over the last decade as more and more acrobatic movements invaded the various dance styles, the strain on the dancer’s knees has largely increased. Training on hard, inappropriate floors or dancing choreographies in high heels can add even more problems. Pirouettes on the knees, knee drops, and even a plié in fourth position require particular leg stability and optimal mobility in the knee. But dancers often pay little attention to their knees. They are seldom specifically warmed up, directly trained or used consciously in everyday life. Nonetheless, their functionality is a top priority if dancers’ knees are to be kept fit and healthy.

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IADMS 2015 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Author: Hannah Etlin-Stein 

IADMS is now gearing up for another Annual Meeting and this year it is in Pittsburgh! As IADMS is a diversely international community, the Annul Meeting is a fabulous way to explore a new city and culture, while connecting with the IADMS community. For those who have never attended an Annual Meeting it's an experience unlike any other and can provide many benefits. 

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