IADMS Big Messy Conversations #2: Student Concerns

Authors: Ellie Kusner, Beth Ackroyd, and Joe Bowie on behalf of the IADMS Student and Dance Educators’ Committees

August 8 saw the second installment of the IADMS Big Messy Conversations. This conversation was co-hosted by the Dance Educators’ Committee (DEC) and the Student Committee as the topic of discussion was student concerns: What do Dance Science students want today?

Read all about the rich discussion, summarized by some of our committee members, here.

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Bridging IADMS Webinar #1 – ‘Attention is a process’

Authors: Emma Redding and Clare Guss-West

The first webinar in a 5-part series ‘Bridging IADMS’ - Discovering attention and focus strategies in practice took place on May 29th 2021. Aimed at dance educators the first webinar was entitled “How to use an external focus of attention in effective teaching.” Read a summary of the webinar and reflections from participants here. 

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IADMS Big Messy Conversations: “How did we get here?” – How did it go?

Author: Claire Farmer on behalf of the IADMS Dance Educators' Committee

The first of the IADMS Big Messy Conversations, curated by the Dance Educators’ Committee took place on April 25 with attendees from all corners of the globe.  Rather than identifying facts, this inaugural conversation aimed to open doors for new discussions, open to all voices and passions.

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Dance Educators' Committee: Big Messy Conversation Series

Author: Ellie Kusner on behalf of the IADMS Dance Educators' Committee

In acknowledgement of where we are now and what might come next, the Dance Educators’ Committee presents: BIG MESSY CONVERSATIONS: Where is Dance Science Education going in 2021, and beyond? 

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Meet the 2020 Dance Educators’ Award Nominees, Part 3 of 3

This is the final installment of our three-part blog series introducing the exceptional nominees for the 2020 Dance Educators’ Award (DEA). Each of this year’s nominees contributes a wealth of experience, knowledge and care to dancers across the sector and we have been extremely impressed to read about their work. 

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Meet the 2020 Dance Educators’ Award Nominees, Part 2 of 3

In this post, we meet more of the 22 outstanding nominees for the 2020 Dance Educator Award (DEA) and learn a little more about their background and their passion for teaching. 

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Meet the 2020 Dance Educators’ Award Nominees, Part 1 of 3

The IADMS Dance Educators' Committee is eager to celebrate nominees for the Dance Educator Award. This year, 22 astounding educators were nominated by their colleagues and students for masterfully integrating principles of Dance Medicine and Science into their teaching practice and inspiring future generations of dance teachers to do the same. This is the first of three blog posts highlighting the nominees.

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Information sharing in the digital world

Author: Claire Farmer, MSc, on behalf of the Dance Educators' Committee

Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in the use of technology within the arts, as dance artists explore the ways in which digital content can be utilized in the creation, documentation,1 and sharing of work. The move towards a digital world has been profoundly accelerated due to the coronavirus pandemic and our transfer as dance educators to online learning and communication...

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Reopening dance studios in a global pandemic

Authors: Karen Sudds and Charmaine Tay on behalf of the Dance Educators' Committee

As dance studios begin to re-open, IADMS members from across the world talk about their experiences of reopening studios amongst a global pandemic, the measures they have put in place, the challenges they have faced, and the dancers’ reactions to returning.

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Interview with 2019 Dance Educator Awardee – Nico Kolokythas

Dr Nico Kolokythas, Performance Enhancement Coach at Elmhurst Ballet School, was the 2019 recipient of the Dance Educator Award. Here Nico talks about the challenges and successes of implementing strength and conditioning training within a vocational dance school.

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