What has the “Anatomy of the Hip Joint” got to do with Louis XIV?

Author: Maggie Lorraine on behalf of the IADMS Education Committee 

Classical Ballet is a dynamic art form. The art of ballet has undergone change since its birth in the mid-17th to early 18th Century. It is interesting to review the description of the organization of the body, codified by Pierre Beauchamp (1631-1705). The five positions of the feet are described as turned out from the hip to an angle of 45 degrees. It was emphasized that the feet should never be turned out more than 45 degrees.

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First IADMS Blog Post! - How to stretch for dance class

Author: K. Michael Rowley

The purpose of the IADMS blogs are to connect the public – the dancing public, the teaching public, the researching public, the clinical public – with current happenings in the field of dance medicine and science, in order to promote educational, medical, and scientific excellence. For now, let's jump right in with a research study published in the Journal of Dance Medicine and Science.

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