Does Pilates breath inspire dance?

Author: Adriano Bittar on behalf of the IADMS Dance Educators’ Committee

Following on from the exciting and intriguing posts from Christine Bergeron (How effective is Pilates as an additional training program for dancers?), and Jennifer Deckert (Breath: A Back-To-School Basic), the focus here is on Pilates and breath, specifically touching upon how they influence the performance of ballet.

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2018 Dance Educator Award Winner - Stevie Oakes

Congratulations to our Dance Educator Award winner - Stevie Oakes! While she couldn't join us in Helsinki this year, check out this awesome video taken by her students of her being presented the award!

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Getting ready for IADMS 2018

Author: Nicola Stephens

It’s nearly time for IADMS 2018 and I am getting excited. I’ve got tape packed for the shin-pain workshop I am presenting with my fantastic colleague Amanda, who is just starting out on her dance medicine career. Encouraging her to come along and co-present got me reflecting upon my years of being an IADMS member. 

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IADMS 2018: Networking tips

As we approach our 28th Annual Conference, we’ve been putting together a few tips for networking that we hope will help you to feel confident in starting conversations and making new connections.

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IADMS 2018: Preparing for the conference

The annual conference is fast approaching and it’s time to start making plans. This year the conference takes place in the exciting city of Helsinki, Finland. Here are a few things we’ve been thinking about in preparation for heading to Helsinki…

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Student perspectives: Dance Science in Finland

With the Helsinki conference fast-approaching we were excited to talk to Finnish dance science student Oonasofia (Sofia) Saukkonen to find out more about the dance science scene in Finland! Sofia is a physiotherapist and dance scientist who graduated with an MSc from the University of Bedfordshire, UK in 2017. 

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Student and Young Professional Events at IADMS 2018

Our annual conference is fast approaching and there are some exciting student events this year!

Here’s a rundown of what not to miss if you’re a student or young professional heading to Helsinki this month…

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IADMS 2018 Helsinki: Interview with 'A Day For Teachers' Speaker - Martin Puttke

The explosive development of virtuosity and technique in contemporary dance/ballet frequently encounters not only the dancer’s physical limitation but also, and most importantly, the limitations of conventional teaching methods. Occasionally choreographers forget that performers have to incorporate their creations, which very often means that the latter have to hurl defiance at their physical boundaries - resulting in health problems or even hindering their artistic performance. In this presentation I will show the basic concept of my innovative teaching and working method in classical ballet.

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IADMS 2018 Helsinki: Interview with 'A Day For Teachers' Speaker - Jarmo Ahonen

In dance and sports many teachers and coaches are demanding the same performances of all students. However, most people are a little bit different than the next one. Thus they should be trained more individually according their body types and especially according how they vary in bodies. The presentation gives some insight on these differences and how they could be trained safely.

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IADMS 2018 Helsinki: Interview with 'A Day For Teachers' Speaker - Katy Chambers

This session will be focussed on neuromuscular activation patterns…basically what that means is that we will be exploring movement from the perspective of identifying ‘cheat patterns’ and trying out some techniques for undoing these. I think this is exciting and relevant as dancers often hold tension in unwanted areas e.g. neck and shoulders and this can be really challenging to correct just through instruction/cueing alone.

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