IADMS Big Messy Conversations: “How did we get here?” – How did it go?

Author: Claire Farmer on behalf of the IADMS Dance Educators' Committee

The first of the IADMS Big Messy Conversations, curated by the Dance Educators’ Committee took place on April 25 with attendees from all corners of the globe.  Rather than identifying facts, this inaugural conversation aimed to open doors for new discussions, open to all voices and passions.

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iConference 2020 Enduring Materials - Part 3: Dance Research

From March through to August we will be sharing select presentations from our 2020 iConference; free and open access here on the IADMS blog and on our eLearning page. This month we have three presentations from the ‘Dance Research' theme. We also asked the presenters some questions regarding their experiences of being involved in our 2020 iConference.

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