IADMS Big Messy Conversations #2: Student Concerns

Authors: Ellie Kusner, Beth Ackroyd, and Joe Bowie on behalf of the IADMS Student and Dance Educators’ Committees

August 8 saw the second installment of the IADMS Big Messy Conversations. This conversation was co-hosted by the Dance Educators’ Committee (DEC) and the Student Committee as the topic of discussion was student concerns: What do Dance Science students want today?

Read all about the rich discussion, summarized by some of our committee members, here.

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iConference 2020 Enduring Materials - Part 6: Dance Science

From March through to August we will be sharing select presentations from our 2020 iConference; free and open access here on the IADMS blog and on our eLearning page. This month we have two presentations from the ‘Dance Science' theme. We also asked the presenters some questions regarding their experiences of being involved in our 2020 iConference.

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