Introducing the 2020 iConference Student Research Award Recipients (Part 1)

Across two blog posts we will be introducing the six recipients of the 2020 iConference Student Research Award. Part 1 introduces the first three awardees - make sure to check out Part 2 to see the next three awardees. 

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IADMS 2018: Networking tips

As we approach our 28th Annual Conference, we’ve been putting together a few tips for networking that we hope will help you to feel confident in starting conversations and making new connections.

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IADMS 2018: Preparing for the conference

The annual conference is fast approaching and it’s time to start making plans. This year the conference takes place in the exciting city of Helsinki, Finland. Here are a few things we’ve been thinking about in preparation for heading to Helsinki…

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Student perspectives: Dance Science in Finland

With the Helsinki conference fast-approaching we were excited to talk to Finnish dance science student Oonasofia (Sofia) Saukkonen to find out more about the dance science scene in Finland! Sofia is a physiotherapist and dance scientist who graduated with an MSc from the University of Bedfordshire, UK in 2017. 

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Student and Young Professional Events at IADMS 2018

Our annual conference is fast approaching and there are some exciting student events this year!

Here’s a rundown of what not to miss if you’re a student or young professional heading to Helsinki this month…

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5 Questions With... Jill Descoteaux

Author: IADMS Student Committee 

Student representative Jill Descoteaux tells us a bit about herself and her role in IADMS. Jill was previously a member of the IADMS student committee and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Interdisciplinary Program at Ohio University, combining professional counseling with athletic training. 

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IADMS 2017: Student Events!

The Annual Meeting is upon us and there are some exciting student events this year!

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IADMS2017: Top 10 Things to do in Houston, Texas

Top 10 Things to do in Houston, Texas

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Student Committee Conference Events and Introductions

With the IADMS Student Committee around the corner we would like to put a face to our Student Committee names, feel free to hello at the conference!

We would love to introduce ourselves to you in person, feel free to visit our presentations, or at registration.

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5 Conference Networking Tips

Conferences—deceivingly pragmatic and academic in form—are nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions. For introverts, extroverts, and professed extroverted-introverts alike, conferences can be exhausting. Conceivably this is because conferences are often set up like the Fast and Furious version of a term in university, where it’s a mad dash to see how many notes you can scribble on a program booklet in a little over 72 hours. Yet perhaps this is because, at any one time, you are surrounded by people. A lot of people. But not just any people, magical people. These people are the people who are interested in the exact same things as you. So how are you going to talk to them?

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